Jan 17

Roll Call & Giveaway – Everyone Please Respond

All Preppers, Please read this entire post and then respond.


This is the General APN Roll Call, and is slightly different than the State Roll Calls, as we are also offering a giveaway contest with several prizes.

These Network-Wide Roll calls only happen a few times a year and serve a few purposes. They remind people that haven’t been to the forum in awhile to come back and check us out and see what’s new, plus they also serve as a membership drive. But it’s much more than that. They help you, our members, to better network with each other. Members who haven’t been back in awhile can reconnect with members that are still active. New members can network with more experienced members, and members who’ve been trying to start meetup groups and get-togethers have a better opportunity to connect with each other. But most of all, there is a huge brainstorm of tips, ideas and information that we all share with each other.

Please respond to this post and let us know what you’ve been doing to prepare lately. Share any tips, ideas or educational information that you might have for others. The information you share is especially helpful to new members who are checking in.

In addition to responding to this post, please also respond to your states group as well and check to see if there are any new meetup plans.

To respond to your states roll call, follow this link to the state directory:


Then click the “Check In Here” link for your state and respond to the most recent Roll Call.

Don’t forget to check back to your state group regularly so you can interact with fellow members. This is very important, checking in frequently will ensure that you don’t miss any new members. If you are interested in starting or joining a meetup, be sure to check into your state meetup section as well.


  1. sherry

    just checking in saying hello been busy fixing my house one of my new years resolutions will be to check in more often sherry

  2. Pet Prep Radio

    NE OHIO–Looking for Preppers to be friends with–disabled and single parent wants to make sure we are covered in times of need-
    I have a radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com
    Hope you will join me on Fridays at 7pm Eastern for Pet Prep Radio

    Pet Prep Radio Show with Sheri the Organic Pet Lady
    This week on “Pet Prep Radio with Sheri The Organic Pet Lady”, for January 20, 2012 –http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doctorprepper/2012/01/21/pet-prep-radio
    Join Sheri as she will be discussing making food, treats and making raw diet food options!
    She will also touch on Supplementation, Ingredients, and food storage.
    Sheri welcomes your input and ideas! Call in to offer your thoughts!
    Bring your pen and paper to write down some recipes! Sure to be a TASTEY SHOW!




  3. Lee

    Hi! New to this site, glad I found it.

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